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Stress Testing services offered in Fort Worth, TX

Stress testing evaluates how well your heart works when pumping hard, which can make it easier to discover heart problems. At Bentley Heart in Fort Worth, Texas, highly skilled cardiologist Fahmi Farah, MD, offers many types of stress testing to evaluate your heart health. To find out more about stress testing, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Stress Testing Q & A

What is stress testing?

Stress testing is a clinical cardiology test that assesses heart functioning during exertion. The purpose of the test is to force your heart to pump harder, helping discover heart problems not detectable when your heart is at rest. 

Bentley Heart is a full-service cardiology clinic that offers stress testing to evaluate heart health, so patients can get the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

What are the types of stress testing?

There are many types of stress testing, including:


Bruce protocol exercise treadmill test


Bruce protocol exercise treadmill test is the standard stress test. During this test, Dr. Farah places a blood pressure cuff on your arm and electrodes on your chest to monitor your heart’s electrical activity.

Then, Dr. Farah takes measurements while your heart is at rest and has you start exercising on a treadmill. She slowly increases the intensity of the workout until your heart reaches a target rate or you start having chest pain.

She compares the readings to assess heart functioning and determine if there’s an underlying heart condition. 


Stress echocardiography

The stress echocardiography adds an echo test to the exercise treadmill test. An echo is an ultrasound exam that provides moving images of your heart. 

During the stress echocardiography, Dr. Farah uses the ultrasound device to get pictures of your heart before and after exercise. She also monitors your heart’s electrical activity and blood pressure during this test.


Nuclear stress testing


Nuclear stress testing also involves imaging. However, for this test, Dr. Farah injects a radioactive dye into an intravenous (IV) line in your arm and uses a special camera to take pictures of your heart while at rest.

You then engage in the exercise treadmill stress test to increase your heart rate, and Dr. Farah injects radioactive dye when your heart reaches its target rate. She then takes additional pictures.

For patients who can’t tolerate the exercise, Dr. Farah may give medication that increases heart rate. 

What type of stress testing do I need?

Schedule a consultation at Bentley Heart to see what type of stress testing you need. Dr. Farah takes a proactive approach to heart health and may recommend stress testing to confirm a diagnosis or assess the effectiveness of your cardiac treatment plan. 

The type of test that you’ll need depends on your current diagnosis and health concerns. 

To schedule stress testing at Bentley Heart, call the office in Fort Worth, Texas, or book an appointment online today.